Night Flying, First Video

Posted on 10/26/2008 9:46:26 PM

While the flight tonight was mostly successful, I did seem to have a problem with the servos...again.  I had already stripped one of the stock ParkZone PKZ1061 servos, and on the advice of local hobby shop, replaced both servos for the Hitec HS-81.

Well, I ended up stripping one of those on my first flight with them installed, and when I got home it was pretty obvious why.  The HS-81 has exactly the same gearing on the inside as the PKZ1061.  That will teach me to not use Google before a purchase...

I'll be replacing both servos...again...but this time with metal gear, ball bearing, high quality, Hitec HS-5085MG.  They also have the added benefit of being digital - and the price that comes with it.  However, after already buying the HS-81, knowing I won't have to keep replacing them is good insurance.

With the way the F27c flies, including its high speed turning capability, the metal geared servos will should definitely hold up to any attitude I get the plane in now.


KeithLDick on 11/13/2010 12:12:06 PM wrote:
Very Cool....

All the guys at our field with Strykers have lights all over them... I don't have the funds or I would also... hahahaha

Thanks for sharing...

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